Behaviour Change

We mean two things when we talk about behaviour change:

  • Firstly, IE Brand works with behaviour change charities to help audiences to modify their behaviour. For instance, a recycling charity that needs our help to send the right messages to help consumers change wasteful habits, or a healthcare organisation that needs to harness the power of their brand to help their audience make healthy choices.
  • But sometimes in order to change external behaviours, it’s important our clients are prepared to make internal changes too. IE Brand is a challenging friend. Our work isn’t about making superficial changes, and it’s not our job to put a mask on an organisation. We’re here to take the mask away, and let audiences see brands for who they are. Sometimes that means holding a flat mirror up to our clients, in order to help them to deliver on their proposition. Behaviour change and internal engagement has long been a strength of the partnership we enjoy with our clients.
Resus behaviour change example


Whether we’re changing internal or external behaviours, getting people to act differently can be very difficult. And it’s crucial your brand can meet that challenge.

Explore our thoughts on Behaviour Change below, and read a selection of our behaviour-driven case studies.


Sexual health charity campaign brand
Sexwise A sex-positive new campaign brand for sexual health charity FPA and Public Health England, with a fun, universal appeal. IE Brand conducted stakeholder research to ensure the campaign’s audience had their say, before crafting the campaign’s…
David Crichton, Creative Director and Brand Consultant at IE Brand
David Crichton
"Most Effective Communications Campaign" shortlist
Love Your Clothes shortlisted for prestigious CIWM award We’re thrilled to see Love Your Clothes shortlisted for “Most Effective Communications Campaign” at the CIWM Sustainability and Resource Awards this week.
David Crichton, Creative Director and Brand Consultant at IE Brand
David Crichton
Sustainable travel campaign films
Once Upon a Time The story of how IE created Commuterland, a campaign aimed at getting commuters onto more sustainable forms of transport through humourous, compelling films. 
Challenge the Impossible charity campaign brand
Teach First IE Brand was appointed by the charity Teach First to create its new campaign brand messaging and visual identity. “Challenge the Impossible” kicked off a year of action, campaigning and mobilisation to tackle educational inequality in the charity’s…
Repositioning at a fundamental, behavioural level
Community Pharmacy England Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) had decided to change their name to Community Pharmacy England. The rename was part of a repositioning and rebranding project that was to change the organisation at a fundamental level, led by IE…
Denise Atkins, Associate Marketing and Content Consultant at IE Brand
Denise Atkins
Free download: a practical, accessible guide
Free not-for-profit branding white paper Veteran brand consultants Ollie Leggett and David Crichton have distilled their 40+ years of combined branding experience into a practical, accessible guide to why, when, and how to successfully refresh, reposition or rearticulate your…