Brand Services

IE Brand exists because Charity, Health and Education brands, more than any other, simply can’t afford to be lost in the crowd. Our values driven clients, who collectively do enormous good in our world, need an agency partner who understands their audiences and their challenges, and can translate this insight through brand research, brand messaging, visual identity and behaviour change – increasing their impact and reach.

IE Brand excels at:

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Brand Research

IE Brand’s a great listener. We listen to what our clients have got to say, then we speak to audiences to see what they really believe. Then we compare the two – always on the lookout for any gaps or misperceptions. Sometimes we only need to...

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Internal engagement

Internal buy-in is absolutely critical to the successful completion of any brand project. And one of the greatest challenges our clients face can be keeping key stakeholders – like staff, senior management, trustees, alumni and exec – on board...

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Brand Messaging

All of our clients have a great story to tell, but many struggle to articulate themselves. The power of a succinct core proposition, or a clear set of key messages, can be the difference between audiences understanding who you are and what you do,...

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Visual Identity

IE Brand's award winning design team is renowned for creating sector-leading logo marques and visual identities. It’s what we’ve been doing for 25 years. We work with our values driven clients to create a distinctive and consistent visual...

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Behaviour Change

We mean two things when we talk about behaviour change: Firstly, IE Brand works with behaviour change charities to help audiences to modify their behaviour. For instance, a recycling charity that needs our help to send the right messages to...

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Campaign Design

Nothing fires up our creative synapses more than the opportunity to shape and launch a campaign. Whether online, offline, or onscreen – we love bringing campaign messages to life through storytelling, quirky copy, viral advertising, or film. All...