Visual Identity

IE Brand's award winning design team is renowned for creating sector-leading logo marques and visual identities. It’s what we’ve been doing for 25 years. We work with our values driven clients to create a distinctive and consistent visual signature – both online and offline. It’s not about creating something clients ‘like’ – it’s about crafting a brand identity that will do its job in the marketplace: creating something that’s distinctive and arresting – an identity that will promote awareness, and drive engagement. It’s about making you look as good as you are.

Success criteria design brief

All IE design projects begin with a success criteria design brief. Its purpose is fourfold:

  1. To show that we’ve thoroughly understood the brief
  2. To ensure agency and client are in sync and understand what is required
  3. To create a set of realistic, objective, quantifiable criteria, which all parties can measure the final presented solution against
  4. To remove as much subjectivity as possible from the design process.

We ask all of our clients to physically sign the success criteria – including any hidden veto holders – to invest everyone in the success of the final solution.

This document then becomes a critical tool in making sure the identity achieves its aim. And whenever our designers present internal concepts, they have to demonstrate its adherence to the Success Criteria.

Beautiful won’t cut it. We may be in a room full of great designers where beautiful is a given – but effectiveness is where the real value lies.

Brand guidelines and templates

All IE Brand visual identity projects end with the creation of a comprehensive brand guidelines document, and set of templates to enable clients to be autonomous moving forwards.

We also offer clients the opportunity to use our Content Creation System to generate their own artwork.

Explore our thoughts on Visual Identity below, and read a selection of our design-driven case studies.

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Denise Atkins, Associate Marketing and Content Consultant at IE Brand
Denise Atkins
Gold and Silver for IE at Transform Awards 2019 We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! IE Brand pocketed two prestigious pan-European branding awards this week – a gold and a silver – for our fantastic Visual Identity design work with FPA’s Sexwise campaign and university agrifood…
Denise Atkins, Associate Marketing and Content Consultant at IE Brand
Denise Atkins
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Resuscitation Council UK Following a brand review and extensive stakeholder research, it was clear that Resuscitation Council UK required a top-level rebrand to reposition the charity for a wider audience, to be rolled out on and offline. Resuscitation Council UK is…
University of Reading Before we landed The Careers Centre had found it difficult to motivate its students and academics to engage with the service and needed to cut through the ‘noise’ of university messaging.  The challenge we were set IE was appointed to…
Denise Atkins, Associate Marketing and Content Consultant at IE Brand
Denise Atkins
IE Brand awarded First Class Honours for university branding IE Brand is over the moon to bring home two Gold awards from the Transform Awards Europe 2017. Hats off to our immensely talented team, who daily harness the power of Brand and Digital to amplify the brands of our incredible Charity, Health and…
David Crichton, Creative Director and Brand Consultant at IE Brand
David Crichton
The importance of Visual Design for charity brands IE's Creative Director David Crichton looks at the importance of visual design in charity communications, and whether size matters.
Sustainability non-profit rebrand
Forum for the Future As part of a wider transformation, Forum for the Future chose IE Brand to rebrand the charity. Forum for the Future is a leading sustainability non-profit, leading a global community of over 130 organisations. They needed a brand to reflect this…