CSH Surrey

CSH Surrey brand photo of an elderly woman with a young carer, alongside a selection of brand iconography
CSH Surrey
Brand audit
Messaging and Tone of Voice
Visual identity

Central Surrey Health appointed IE Brand to create a distinctive new brand to reflect their core values and overcome poor recognition levels.

CSH Surrey was the first independent social enterprise to emerge from the NHS. They had ambitious targets to grow three-fold in five years. 

IE Brand listened to stakeholders, crafting strong messaging and a new tone of voice which was credited with winning CSH a crucial £110m contract. This was followed by a new name, visual identity and website. The new name, CSH Surrey, allowed the creation of subsidiary brands, beginning with CSH Homecare.

Variants of CSH Surrey logo design
Market positioning and brand strategy

IE Brand’s one-to-one interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders – local GPs, commissioners, service users and co-owners – were instrumental in defining CSH’s position in the market and determining the new brand strategy.

Our consultants immersed themselves in CSH from the roots up, combining qualitative insight with survey-based feedback to understand stakeholder’s views and perceptions of the brand. Alongside stakeholder research, IE Brand mapped CSH’s competitors to define a unique position that CSH could occupy in the market.

We also needed to address a problem. The name Central Surrey Health was proving problematic and restricting growth beyond Surrey borders. We workshopped alternative names and the pros and cons of each to ensure any name change met all the criteria, while retaining any inherent value in the old name.

Our research told us that, while it mattered to them internally, external audiences weren’t particularly interested in CSH’s not-for-profit status. GPs and Commissioners wanted the reassurance of a larger, more commercial organisation. We needed to demonstrate financial stability, rigor and quality and shake off the perceived stakeholders negatives of being a ‘social enterprise’.

CSH Surrey work in progress
CSH Surrey diagram of system
Behaviour change, naming and messaging

IE Brand advised CSH to address this perceived gap with some fundamental changes to the organisation.

We recommended they appoint a high profile GP and a recognised representative from the world of corporate finance to strengthen the Board of Directors. This added a message of clinical leadership and financial clout, befitting a leading provider of community health services.

We challenged CSH to determine a set of core messages, to bring clarity to the brand and define its direction. This new messaging provided the foundation for a more confident, professional identity, which CSH began to weave into its tender submissions. The new messaging resonated with commissioners, resulting in a five year, £110 million contract with NHS Surrey to deliver community services across the county.

For the name, Central Surrey Health became CSH Surrey, allowing for the addition of a family of geographical or specialist sub brands using the CSH prefix. This removed the associated regional bias for new audiences, while maintaining the heritage of the initial brand.

The new brand hierarchy allowed CSH to introduce an affiliated brand – CSH Homecare – to operate alongside CSH Surrey.

CSH Surrey brand photo of a young mum and her little boy
I am delighted to inform you that CSH Surrey has been announced as preferred bidder for the NHS Surrey tender. Thanks to you and all your team for the contributions that ensured this successful outcome.
Jon Ford
IE Brand have given us a solid platform on which to build our brand and we’re delighted with their work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.
Matt Jarrett, Director of Business Development
CSH Surrey brand guidelines and branded literature
Visual identity and internal engagement

IE Brand further developed the core brand messaging around CSH’s five key strategic objectives.

We stressed that all claims must be backed by hard facts to demonstrate service excellence. From this we established a set of stories and data to help CSH communicate with their audiences.

A new strapline, ‘better healthcare together’ brings together CSH’s ethos of partnership and sense of continuous improvement with a clear purpose – working in healthcare.

With the new core messaging agreed we crafted a new visual identity for the brand. The brand’s new icon, a gemstone, represents the openness, transparency and high quality services offered by CSH Surrey. Meanwhile, the use of CSH’s existing, recognisable purple colour ensured some ties to the brand’s heritage remained intact.

As part of the roll-out, a team of ‘Brand Champions’ was recruited internally. By involving them early they were inspired and enthused about the changes, acting as ambassadors of CSH Surrey’s new brand story and overseeing the internal launch. The new brand was applied across all collateral, uniforms, signage and exhibition graphics.

Guidelines, templates and website

To protect and police the new brand, IE Brand developed a set of brand guidelines and templates for core literature.

IE Digital was subsequently invited to apply the new brand thinking to CSH Surrey’s website, to significantly improve the user experience and journeys on the site.

We designed and built a site that would measurably deliver against their strategic objectives, by prioritising local people looking for information on local services.


Measurably contributing to winning a £110 million, 5 year NHS contract
Shortlisted for ‘Best Website’ and ‘Best Visual Brand’ awards