Brand Messaging

All of our clients have a great story to tell, but many struggle to articulate themselves. The power of a succinct core proposition, or a clear set of key messages, can be the difference between audiences understanding who you are and what you do, or walking away utterly confused. IE Brand uses workshops to unearth brand personality and tone of voice, and crafts compelling messages to deepen clients’ understanding, and expression, of who they are.

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RESUS messaging

As part of our brand messaging work, we offer guidance on:

Core Proposition

A single statement that tells the world who you are, what you do, and why I should care. These statements take different forms (core proposition/value proposition/elevator pitch), depending on when and how it’s used, but its job is always to explain your organisation in as few words as possible.

Brand Personality / Tone of voice

The way you use words is just as important as what you write. Brand Personality and Tone of Voice are all about defining your written style. Is your brand academic and formal, or casual and fun? By establishing a consistent tone of voice (including top-level guidance on the personality of the brand), you can make sure that everyone who subsequently creates comms for your brand will be singing from the same hymn sheet.


Brand storytelling is disproportionately important for our values driven clients. If your brand story is compelling then your audience will want to join you in becoming part of your story.

Key Messages

We'll segment your audiences and help you decide which key messages it's most important for them to hear.

Calls to Action

An incredible amount of comms neglect to include any calls to action. Any and all marketing has a single purpose – to influence behaviour. That might be picking up the phone, visiting a website, filling in a form, or making a donation. It doesn’t matter what it is, but the ‘ask’ (what you want people to actually do) should be crystal clear.

Explore our thoughts on Brand Messaging below, and read a selection of our messaging-driven case studies.

Health charity merged brand
Bowel Research UK When two health charities decided to merge, they turned to IE Brand to support them through the process of creating a bigger, bolder, more influential brand. The newly merged charity – Bowel Research UK – will leverage the synergies of its…
Prestige charity brand messaging
Royal Academy of Engineering A project to craft impactful brand messaging for the Royal Academy of Engineering to ensure their new five year strategic vision is accessible. And then an ambitious new visual identity to communicate the Academy’s…
Ollie Leggett, Managing Director & Brand Consultant at IE Brand
Ollie Leggett
Authentic rebranding
Removing the mask: using brand to show the ‘real you’ Great branding is not about putting on a mask to disguise the truth – it’s about removing the mask so that you look, sound and behave like the very best of who you really are.
Charity rebrand
CHIPS Charity CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service) asked IE Brand to help them re-articulate their story and craft a new brand to take them forward. CHIPS joins with communities from both sides of a conflict – from Brixton to Ghana – to help…
NHS hospital trusts merger
University Hospitals Sussex The new University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust needed a new brand and visual identity. Formed from the merger of two neighbouring NHS hospital trusts, the brand needed to bring together two very different cultures in order to become…
David Crichton, Creative Director and Brand Consultant at IE Digital
David Crichton
Renaming blog
Elton or Reginald? When is the right time to risk a rebrand, or even a name change? In this extract from IE's not-for-profit branding white paper, we take a look at the factors that can lead to a decision to rebrand your organisation. 
Denise Atkins, Associate Marketing and Content Consultant at IE Brand
Denise Atkins
Messaging to woo donors
Charity brand storytelling at the Fundraising Conference Last week, IE Brand sponsored the Third Sector Fundraising Conference, leading a workshop on brand storytelling alongside peacekeeping charity CHIPS. Among common fundraising topics like GDPR, legacies and crowdfunding, the rest of the…
Denise Atkins, Associate Marketing and Content Consultant at IE Brand
Denise Atkins
Free rebranding resource
Free not-for-profit branding white paper Veteran brand consultants Ollie Leggett and David Crichton have distilled their 40+ years of combined branding experience into a practical, accessible guide to why, when, and how to successfully refresh, reposition or rearticulate your…